24-07-2010      hi there / hellobello

please welcome a nice, light 2 hour long compilation, called 'Long Summer Breeze'. You can listen or download in the proper menu, or on this link:




I wish for the rest of the summer great parties and have some rest.... Syl
Kerlek fogadjatok szeretettel egy szamomra kedves konnyed nyari valogatast, 'Long Summer Breeze' cimmel. Meghallgathato vagy toltheto a megfelelo menupontban vagy ezen a linken:


A nyar hatralevo reszere kivanok mindenkinek oriasi bulikat es sok-sok pihenest... Syl



01-04-2010      from now on the site is English-Hungarian / mostantol ketnyelvu az oldal (es ekezetek nelkuli:))


every information you will find in English and Hungarian, cause the admin area of the Hungarian part is always stucking (f**ck)

minden infot mostantol itt talaltok, mert a magyar admin feluletem besz**rt.


01-04-2010          my March guest radio mix is available... / marciusi Truesounds vendegmix letoltheto

on the following link / ezen a linken: http://djsylvie.hu/music/2010.03.21.TruesoundsLive_on_justmusic.fm_(Sylvie).mp3


13-09-2009          exclusive mix for www.mixing.dj is available...

I got a request from www.mixing.dj to make an exclusive mix for them, you can find it on their site www.mixing.dj in the exclusive mixes submenu or here in the dowloads menu...

'My yin aspect' is a deep dark felt compilation with a smooth melodic hope:)

the other part of the mix 'My yang aspect' is in progress, with uplifting feelings, catch out my site later to be the first to listen it...


01-06-2009          new mix available...

in the download menu, - Mix for Deviation Radio Show - a deep and tech styled compilation from last month... just loud! enjoy...


25-05-2009          movements in June

on 28th May I'll be the guest of Deviation Radio Show on www.gixx.hu for an hour period with a melodic minimal and tech styled mix... catch it up

on 13th June will be Hungary's biggest Mayday event spiced with some progressive sounds as well. On one location on seven places 80 DJs and Live Acts, in Budapest, Hajogyari Sziget.... will be HUGE:))) 

on 20th June in the afternoon between 4 p.m.-5 p.m. I'll be the guest DJ of NoTalking Radio Show (with Mannel and Kornel) for an hour mixing with some deep sounds... on www.justmusic.fm

I wish everybody a nice warm summer with awesome feelings and parties!!



I'd like to wish to everyone a great, successful and peaceful new year!!!!


22-09-2008        not to let you without fresh stuff…

in the downloads menu are available my freshest mixes, Level deep pt.5 is the next step of my series of deep sounds, Tektimez mix is a powerful partytime mix… tracklists under.. enjoy them

Level Deep pt. 5:


anthony collins - day dreaming        

chopstick & johnjon - birds (afrilounge velvet monkey dub)

shonky & jennifer cardini - tuesday paranoia

animaltek - karmik loops        

dave robertson - sail to the shaun      

sascha funke – mango cookie (dj koze’s pink moon mix)

alexi delano & xpansul - foreign exchange (tony rohr rmx)

jussi pekka - mind bender      

ripperton - long distance

petar dundov - oasis   


Tektimez by Sylvie:


john lagora - cheers bitches

d dub - deep blue (stimming remix)

gummi hz - you and me

the whip - blackout (ashley beedle generation next mix)

george delkos - deftoner

alexi delano - run o

quivver - 2 notes and beats

leon and greenbeam - vakho jaja (delete remix)

jeremiah - surface of the moon (umek mix)    

moby - i love to move in here (popof mix)

moonbeam - flickering ray (end-jy remix)

anthony pappa - outback (applescal remix)

spektre - narog

jerome isma ae - vila nova



08-08-2008        radio mixes are ready to be dowloaded...

 ...In the dowloads menu or under these links:


2008.07.09_hungarian_harmonies_on_www.inside.fm_guest_mix_by_Sylvie  with nice deep sounds and feeling

2008.07.23._mixing.hu_pres._Stereostrip__guest_mix_by_SylviE  Deep-progressive mix to www.discreetfm.hu

2008.07.30.Hungary_in_the_mix_3_sylvie_www.ah.fm  harder-progressive styled musics, real main time of a party...    enjoy..


26-07-2008             LITTLE HELP FOR DOWNLOADING

To be more obvious (’cause now it’s not yet) little help if you want to dowload a mix from this site:

Usually the mixes are linked into the info menu, at the dowloads menu you can find a player, if you click one of the mixes, it starts to load into the player (you can see the track as it loads)  and at the same time you can see on the right side a dowload button, if you click on it the dowload of the actual (started) mix will start. The state of dowloading (%) you can see in the player, not in a separate dowload manager… for now

It’s under procedure, to make it more obvious until that please be patient:)


06-07-2008             radio shows in July

in the Argentin internet radio www.inside.fm will be a show on the 9th of July (in Hungarian time at 15 o'clock) named Hungarian Harmonies (Moti Brothers' show) and I made the guest mix for them with some smooth deep sounds..

on the 23rd of July will be played my guest mix on www.discreetfm.hu which I made for www.mixing.hu team’s request…

on the 30st of July you can listen www.afterhours.fm to whom I made a real ass-shaking deep-progressive mix..

after the shows you can also listen/dowload these mixes from my site….   peace



Anvil of sound mix is ready to download for now here at the info menu, because the download menu is under construction... until then you can reach my newest mix which was made for the site www.anvilofsound.com bye




v.2 has arrived !!!!

hey, I'm glad to introduce a smoother and safer website of mine, fully with musics for everyone's pleasure

Some new features are at the downloads menu, you can also listen into a music before you download it. I also hope that during some weeks-months I can make this site nicer and put it fully with more information

peace for everyone, Sylvie


04-04-2008   Greenmind and Sylvie mixes are waiting to dowload...

In these two links you can dowload my freshest mix, which will be played today at www.tribalmixes.org internet-radio from 5 PM, with smooth deep musics, the other mix is from one of my best friends, Greenmind, with the title Dirty Moments... strongly recommended for everyone, they are fine to listen :)

2008.04. Exlusive mix for tribalmixes.org
2008.04. Greenmind - Dirty moments

10-02-2008   dowloads updated

hey there,
I've updated all my last mixes you can download them from the following links:


'New Years' Etch' is a bit harder sounds minimal feeling, my 'Guest mix@NoTalking in Justmusic.fm' for the deeper sounds, and 'Got light' is a deep-progressive traveling piece. hope you'll enjoy them. peace

11-10-2007         exlusive mix for www.mixing.hu

I've got a request to make a special mix for the website mixing.hu, with real deep thoughts... and is available on the link below

2007-Oct exlusive set for mixing.hu by sylvie

16-09-2007          DIGITAL LOVE BY SYLVIE

my newest mix is available on this link... enjoy it:))))    2007.09. Digital Love by Sylvie

09-07-2007           radio mixes in available closeness...

the results of my past two weeks' radio affray can be found here in these two links.

RadioCafe 2007.06.23.
hungarian day@afterhours.fm 2007.06.30.

09-05-2007           MOUNTAINS OF MIXES :))

A new mix is available in the downloads menu, it's title is Level Deep pt. 4, and it's reeeeal deep...
In addition an interview was made with me, you can find it here:


And also I made a mix for them, with title 'Powa', which contains energetic real party musics...

Catch up and listen...

01-03-2007     Back in Baia Mare...

I'm invited to play in Baia Mare on 19th of May 2007. I'm sure, that who was there before, could recognized, that the sound system so good, so I'm waiting for it excitedly... It worth to stop by / step over...

Sylvie chart December 2006

Booka Shade - Darko (Hotchip mix)
Rpo & Raf Fender - Control
16Bit Lolitas - Chuck Nology
Nicochristoph - Momentum
Minilogue - Spam EP
Depeche Mode - Martyre (Booka Shade dub)
Greed - Rolling Hills (Shiloh mix)
Add 2 Basket - Give a Hand (vocal edit)
Duran Duran - Reach up (Eric Prydz remix)
Beatman & Ludmilla - Couldn.t sleep (Shiloh rmx)

03-11-2006            hey there,
you can reach my new mix at the downloads menu, it's title: Level Deep pt.3. Also available Level Deep pt.1, which was played last november at justmusic.fm - Bonus Track

and you can find an archive mix too from 2002... hope will enjoy any of these:)

you can find in the Downloads fresh new tracks, which was created by Nortio, one of the visitor of my website. His tracks are really good, make a try.... thanks for him to share his songs with us....

19-07-2006    Hi everybody!

New mix on the earborder: SHAKING ASSS VOL.2. on the download files:)))))))

Sylvie chart July 2006

Sean Quinn - Squap (Bent remix)
16bit Lolitas - Dance N Fiction
Brahma - Bringing the Dawn
The Doors - Hello I love you (Adam Freeland mix)
Misc - Frequentraeger (Pan Pot mix)
Girl Nobody - Smile (Stef & 16Bit Lolitas mix)
New Order - Jetstream (Jaques lu Cont dub)
Greed - Rolling Hills (Shiloh mix)
Digital Whitchcraft - Fingerpaint (Mannel rmx)
The PQM - Just won.t let me be (Habersham mix)




Transylvanian trip
Hi there,
I was invited to play in Targu Mures, Romania on 04-21-2006, the club looks fenomenal...:) you can see it uploaded at pictures

SYLVIE TOP 10 April 2006

16Bit Lolitas - Destiny
Greg Churchill - Loonie Bin
Killahurtz . Weird Brother
Blue Room Project . Tuned Exposure
Nathan Fake . Long Sunny (Fairmont)
Untitled /Release promo
Kosmas Epsilon - 9th street
Sugar Caine - Once in a Lifetime
Alex Stealthy - Mistique
Darius & Pogossian - Shredded Memories